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Newly Published Rickie Ciprian Mystery

Raul Roque's new Rickie Ciprian mystery, Miami Lullaby, throws the Ciprians into Miami's ruthless art scene to fins a missing art gallery owner. Available from Authorhouse and Amazon.

Arizona Authors Association
Recognizes Raul Again

Raul Roque's Rickie Ciprian mystery, Long and Hard, was recognized with an award for published fiction. Available from Authorhouse and Amazon. Rickie must foil a plot to steal biological agents being developed in the very heart of Miami.

Raul Receives Literary Award

Raul Roque's Rickie Ciprian mystery, Little Girl Lost, was awarded the Arizona Author's Association First Prize in Fiction. Rickie travels to snow-choked Indiana to find a little girl who had been murdered in Florida. You can read the first chapter and order the book under the "Raul's Books" tab at the top of the page.

Raul's Writing and Reading

Raul Roqué has been a professional writer for over twenty years and has, in the past year or two, focused on fiction.

You might wonder what Raul reads in the mystery/adventure area. If you're interested in the detective genre (hard boiled) you only need to remember three names: Leonard, Vachss, and Pelicanos. Not that there aren't many additional authors on his reading list including Burke (James Lee), McBain, Hiassen, MacDonald, Tapply, Randy Wayne White, and Grafton. He also tours the adventures (Grisham, Cornwell, Clancey, Ludlum) and a ton of others. He has, like many of you, wandered through science fiction and fantasy. Raul reads again Donaldson's Thomas Covenant books every so often. He doesn't keep book lists and he doesn't read the books in order. He knows, it doesn't make sense.

Raul also frequents used bookstores. His life's work is to collect all of John D. MacDonald's work. His collection currently numbers almost eighty titles.

If you'd like to know more about the Rickie Ciprian character, or more about Raul and other things, click on the tabs above. His books are medium boiled mysteries and thrillers with the bizarre and zany things that can really mess up your life.

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